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3 New Miami Restaurants

Tanuki restaurant on Miami Beach
Tanuki restaurant on Miami Beach

It goes without saying that the dining scene in Miami is anything but bland. There is always a hip new place opening up somewhere in the city and each tries to outdo the last one on the block. And this time around, we have got the top 3 of Miami’s hottest restaurants that you absolutely cannot afford to miss. Read on to know why we say what we say.

1: Tanuki

The first restaurant on our list is Tanuki. If you want to enjoy the best Japanese cuisine not moving an inch away from South Beach, it does not really get better than Tanuki. A restaurants that offers “a true taste of Pan-Asian cuisine” this place is a must try for sushi and sashimi lovers alike. The overall environment of the place is super casual, but at the same time totally immersed in South East Asian culture. Serving lunch and dinner (is open even through the super late night hours!) Tanuki is open 7 days a week. Head over to the corner of Alton Road and treat yourself some mouth-watering Japanese food.

2: KIKI on the River

Something that the Miami nightlifers would particularly enjoy, the just opened KIKI on the River offers great views coupled with great food. You just know you have a killer combination! However, KIKI is not the first riverfront spot in Miami, so what is so different about this place than all the rest of them?

Well, KIKI offers private gondola service to and from the place which the other riverfront spots do not! The boats are private, totally secure and the best part: they come bearing picnic baskets that are full of home-made delicious gourmet items. A picturesque boat ride and a stocked picnic basket? KIKI knows what’s up.

Another attractive feature about this place is the widely famous Chef Rhee who just happens to be running KIKI’S Kitchen. So you might want to fight the temptation to finish the entire picnic basket during the boat ride so you still have enough stomach room to order an even better dinner. To get a taste of Greek cuisine like you have never had before, head over to 450 Northwest North River Drive.

3: Bakehouse Brasserie

European delights, out of this world wine tastings and baked to perfection items are just some of the things that can be said about the Bakehouse Brasserie. No other restaurant in Miami can match the perfect combination of sophistication and casualness which the atmosphere of the Bakehouse Brasserie radiates with.

Chef Bernie Matz, the man responsible for the Bakehouse’s menu just knows how to put a French twist on everything. The place is particularly famous for this anything-but-ordinary artisan bread that is baked on a daily basis. The Bakehouse is a must visit place for cheese, wine and bread lovers alike. Head over to Miami Beach, 808 First Street and feast on the European goodness that the Bakehouse Brasserie is so full of.

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