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Miami Beach Homes Real Estate

Star, Palm and Hibiscus Islands are located between Miami Beach and Downtown just to the north of the MacCarthur Causeway. Star Island is the most sought after and exclusive of the three. It is a bit more private being that it only has a few homes. The residences typically have more land and have higher price tags to match. Palm Island and Hibiscus Island are located directly to the west of Star Island and have their own bridge for access. There’s a playground and tennis courts located for residents. There are a few multi-family properties as well.

The Venetian Islands are located just to the north of Palm, Hibiscus and Star Island between Miami Beach and Downtown. Belle Isle is the eastern most island which is comprised of multiple condominiums and the Standard hotel. West of that is Rivo Alto, Dilido and San Marino which all consists of single family homes. The western most island, San Marco, includes both condominiums and single family homes. The Venetian Causeway is a toll road with two draw bridges for boaters travelling through the intracoastal. The Venetian Causeway is also popular for joggers and bicyclists. The Venetian Islands (Belle Isle in particular) is very popular because of the proximity to Sunset Harbour and Lincoln Rd.

Sunset Islands are located north of the Sunset Harbour neighborhood and to the west of the Miami Beach Golf Course and Alton Rd. These islands have two points of access via bridges secured by guard gates. These islands have a mix of dry lot and waterfront properties. Sunset Islands (similar to the Venetian Islands, Hibiscus, Palm and Star Island) are also popular among boaters due to dock space. The restaurants, fitness studios, retail, groceries and bars of Sunset Harbour are in close proximity to Sunset Islands.

There are many homes located to the south and north of 41st Street in Miami Beach. This includes homes on the west side off Alton Rd. and North Bay Rd. as well as Pine Tree Dr. and La Gorce Dr. along the east. La Gorce Island is north of these homes. 41st Street offers many retail stores and restaurants including the iconic Forge steakhouse. There are several schools, parks and places of worship located close by. Also located just to the north of 41st Street is the very private La Gorce Country Club.

North Bay Village, Normandy Shores, and Biscayne Point are islands with single family homes located to the north of La Gorce and to the west of North Beach. Normandy Shores has its own town center, tennis courts off the bay and golf course.

North Beach is also home to Altos Del Mar. It’s a hidden gem of a small gated community located right on the sand just east of Collins. The community has full time security and some of the homes back up to the sand with gorgeous views of the ocean. It is located just south of North Shore Open Space Park. The park has plenty of space for picnics, a dog park and promenade.

Listing image of Ritz Carlton Villa Miami Beach courtesy of developer.

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